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Hello, I am author Richard Brignall. Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy exploring its pages and find a book you might enjoy. I have a love for sports history and it shows in the many athletes I have written about.

Authors are always excited about their newest release and you can add me to that group. My newest release is called Champion for Health. It is a biography on Canada’s greatest athlete Clara Hughes. She has won medals at both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. But, her biggest battle was with depression. The book details her life, its many ups and downs, and how she always tries her best to come out on top.

Come back to this website for updates on new books. We will be adding images of the people I have written about. I will also include information on school presentations and media appearances.

I look forward to writing more books for you in the future.

Champion For Health  
How Clara Hughes fought depression to win Olympic gold

Clara Hughes has won multiple medals in both summer and winter Olympic Games. As a cyclist and speed skater, Clara pushed through pain to get to the finish line, trying to have her best race every day. Few knew that the same determination and focus were also needed to fight her own personal battles. Abusing drugs and alcohol from her early teens, Clara used sport to turn her life around in a few short months. But after becoming one of the world's top athletes, her world came apart as her depression threatened to rob her of her Olympic dreams.

Clara's inspiring story does not end with winning gold. Using her fame as a platform, she has devoted time and resources to helping children gain access to sports in the world's most troubled regions. And she has become a symbol of the fight to remove the stigma from mental illness by cycling thousands of kilometres in all kinds of weather to raise awareness. Clara is a remarkable athlete, but it is her strength and courage off the track that have made her a true champion.

Real Justice: A Police Mr.Big Sting Goes Wrong

​The Story of Kyle Unger

On the night of June 23, 1990, teenage friends Kyle Unger and John Beckett made a last-minute decision to attend a music festival near Roseisle, Manitoba. They were loners, not the popular kids at school. But on this night they seemed to finally fit in. They had fun, played games, drank, and hung around bonfires with other people. The next morning, a sixteen-year-old girl was dead. By the next week, Kyle was charged with her murder. Due to insufficient evidence he was let go, but the Mounties were convinced he was the killer.

They laid a trap, called the Mr. Big operation, for Kyle. With offers of money, friends, and a new criminal lifestyle, the RCMP got Kyle to confess to the murder. But the confession was false -- he had not been the killer. He was convicted and sent to prison.

For the next twenty years Kyle fought for his freedom. He was finally acquitted in 2009.

This book tells the story of an impressionable but innocent teenager who was wrongfully convicted based on the controversial Mr. Big police tactic.


Summit Series '72

Eight games that put Canada on top of World Hockey

It wasn't until Canadian teams started losing in international tournaments in the mid 1950s that an epic hockey rivalry between Canada and the Soviet Union began. Canadians believed hockey was "their game." So Canadians were in for a rude awakening when they lost Game One of the 1972 Summit Series to the Soviets.

The eight-game tournament quickly became a "war on ice" fuelled by competing Cold War ideologies. Hockey fans will enjoy reading about: small-town teams that represented Canada in international tournaments before there was a Team Canada; Father David Bauer and the first National Hockey Team; the birth of Hockey Canada; Canada and the Cold War; Canadian style of play in hockey versus the Russian style of play; and Bobby Clarke's dirty slash on Kharlamov.